A Fine Display of Uniqueness Amongst the Herd

A Fine Display of Uniqueness Amongst the Herd

Band: Hatemail

Album: Hatemail (EP)

Released date: September 16th, 2016

Genre: Death Metal/Crossover

Country: Philippines



What we have here is an extreme metal band coming from the central region of the Philippines that displays a unique and sui generis type of music out of the bands coming from the said area. Hatemail is the name of the band, and they play a type of metal that carries the viciousness and complexity of a death metal band with a touch of the crunchy and ‘get caught in a mosh’ fist pumping action catchy riffages of a classic late 80s continuum between thrash and hardcore punk bands.

The band’s recent record EP released, which is Hatemail, comprises 27 minutes and 58 seconds of sumptuous extreme metal music materials that’ll totally blow the listeners brains out. Each of the tracks here manifest that very clear brew of the fervent intensity of death metal tremolo riffing while at the same time exploiting that raw sonic power of crust crossing over to thrash metal. The tunes are all great and they are filled with catchy riffs, expeditious breakdowns with brisky drumming and prominent bass all over, all with the occasional wild bass line, foot-tapping grooves, and solo flare-ups thrown in that demonstrates these guys are capable of great technicality.

Considering that the EP is independently furnished, I am very impressed that the sound quality and album mixing is pretty exceptional. You can totally tell that the sound engineer who worked with the band on this EP knows what he was doing. Their song writing ability is also outstanding. They are one of those Filipino bands in the Philippines who can compete in crafting top-quality materials against the international extreme metal groups.

So my final comment on this EP is that it truly is a material that is worth purchasing and keeping. Fans of death metal, thrash metal, grindcore, and even crust will downright love this EP and the band. With the direction where Hatemail is going, I wouldn’t be surprise to hear about a debut full-length or that in just a short time from now a label will sign these guys.


Rating: 7.4/10



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