A Decent Record After 2 Decades Of Mediocrity

A Decent Record After 2 Decades Of Mediocrity

Band: Megadeth

Album: Dystopia

Released date: January 22nd, 2016

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: United States

Label: Tradecraft


Frankly speaking, after the legendary metal group Megadeth released their state of the art speed/thrash metal chef-d’œuvre record Rust in Peace and hearing the succeeding Countdown to Extinction album, I had started to lose interest on Dave Mustaine‘s song writing proficiency. It’s just that their later crafts after 1990 did not contain the intense and passionate overall elements that the preceding materials held. Referring to what I had stated above, after hearing about a latest offering by the band earlier last year, I did not get my hopes up. When the album was issued, I was in awe of the output that Dave (along with David Ellefson) and his new line-up came to produced.

Dystopia, the recent record that I am talking about, have proved that Dave Mustaine can still fabricate great songs even after all these years of failing to deliver. The album carries great guitar riffs form both Dave and Kiko Loureiro, and it also has that clear production which allows the bass to amplify it’s heavy impact to the materials in the album. Also, the tunes here are played at a fast-paced level which were thrown in with great melodic solos, and the composition of the songs are very well constructed. There are even moments in Dystopia where the guitar section will remind the listeners a lot about Rust in Peace. The drumming of Chris Adler also fits well with the tracks in the album. He did quite an explicit and very firm work on his performance with Megadeth. This shows that Dave made the right choice of picking Kiko and Chris in taking part of assembling this record.

Now I wasn’t expecting that Dave‘s vocals will deliver well due to the fact that the dude has aged, but he actually manifests a more effective, angry, and intense delivery in this offering. The dude’s pissed off approach in the vocal work is, in my own opinion, one of the factors that were missing in their previous disappointing releases. The lyrics also showed a more revitalized and reanimated Mustaine. It’s pretty clear that he is in a more ingenious state when he was making the lyrical contents of the tracks in the album.

This record really is an awesome comeback after years of shortcomings in producing decent and fine album releases. It brings forth a few memories of the times when Megadeth were still killing the fans with complex and ultra-modem offerings that long time followers had enjoyed listening to and have grown to love. It may not be as good as “Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!“, “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?“, “So Far, So Good… So What!“, and “Rust in Peace“; but Dystopia is an album that provides sufficient elements that the band’s long time fans have long been waiting for.

In conclusion, this record is above the state of mediocrity yet below the level of their finest classic. It’s an album worth purchasing and keeping even though it is not superior to its 80s and 90s predecessors. At least Megadeth didn’t take the path that Metallica did with their career.


Rating: 6.5/10


One thought on “A Decent Record After 2 Decades Of Mediocrity

  1. Nice! You pointed out every detail of the new album. I have a copy of Dystopia and I have always wanted to review it but I do not have the idea how to put it to words. Your review will be my guide in making my own review.


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