A Customary Nonetheless Terrific Death Metal Album

A Customary Nonetheless Terrific Death Metal Album

Band: Servorum

Album: Siege Demons

Released date: March 4th, 2011

Genre: Death Metal

Country: Philippines



Siege Demons is the debut full-length album of the death metal band Servorum. The group is composed of Filipino members hailing from the Visayas area of the Philippines. This debut record holds 40 minutes of sensational death metal music with catchy blistering picking guitar riffs, fast paced drumming, and classic early-mid 90s death metal vocal work.

The definite way to accurately brand the music in this album is that it sounds like a modernized and faster paced version of the materials from Cannibal Corpse (Chris Barnes era) and early Suffocation. The tracks are flooded with loads of standard, yet catchy, death metal guitar riffs which are furnished perfectly with the brilliant pummeling drum blast beats. The riffs provided in the whole album are very haunting and pretty multiplex, as you can hear a fair dosage of medium technicality, a few dynamics thrown in, and some good all-out riffs here and there. The band’s drummer is outstanding. His blast and foot work gives the listeners a nostalgia of the early aggressive death/thrash metal hammering.

Another thing that I am amazed about Siege Demons is the fact that Servorum perfectly blended some of the old school thrash elements to the 90’s era death metal tunes. Lend an ear to the whole record and you can state the obvious that the musicians in the band are good at what they do. The production of the album is my cup of tea. It’s that not so clean and not so dirty, yet satisfying to the ear. Just like how early death metal bands do it in the old days.

You might not find something idiosyncratic or eccentric about Siege Demons. Long time connoisseurs of the genre might even say that it’s a pretty standard death metal music with the expected blast beats and breakdowns thrown in. But this album is fun and decent, with brilliance from the band’s song writing and execution. The music sounds really chaotic nevertheless at the same time it holds a somewhat technical feel to it. Purchase a copy of this album, give it a spin, and you will certainly bound to want to hear it over and over again. It’s a congenial material, even if it’s not that distinctive, and its simple-mindedness and straightforward vehemence is rather charming. I recommend this record to all enthusiasts of death metal music who loves an album that is nothing new to the genre, yet it carries comparatively consistent tunes, as well as an excellent brutal treat.


Rating: 7.8/10


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