True Legion of the Beast

True Legion of the Beast

Band: War Legion

Album: Gran Satanás

Released date: November 12th, 2016

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Colombia

Label: Unsigned / Independent


It is very rare to find bands these days who play old school metal and follow the traditions of the old guard. It can be seen in almost all the sub-genres of heavy metal that most bands who were formed in late 2000 are all trying to be progressive, technical, melodic, and polished as possible.

In observing these phenomena, I then started a habit of finding new breeds of extreme metal acts from country’s who are from South America to stay away from the swarming ‘nerd bands’ of the genre. Why South America? Well, the answer is because some of the most ruthless and raw extreme metal acts hail from this side of the mortal realm.

Two weeks ago, I received an email from Digital Music Force Promotion and they started giving me materials from bands who are crafting killer tunes fro their beloved Colombia. For this reason, I found the black metal war masters, War Legion.

War Legion is band garrisoned from the city of Pereira in Colombia. These guys are not your typical newly formed black metal act. Even though the band started in 2015, their music goes way beyond the roots and will certainly give the listeners a nostalgia of the glory days of the black metal genre.

The band’s debut record, Gran Satanás, displays how the trio is truly in league with Satan. This debut album contains five tracks written in Spanish and one track in English. The content of Gran Satanás showcases, and supported by the fatal displayed classic style cover artwork, how the band wants to stay true to the music that they are producing. The tracks were forged in the barbaric Darkthrone, Marduk, and the Brazilian underground legend Sarcófago. There are some moments where they even reminded me of the 1984-1987 Celtic Frost, and Hellhammer. Every tune in this album bring forth the beauty of the old raw and sinister style and element of the wrathful black metal genre.

The dirty guitar tuning of Óreidú and that very iniquitous passionate style of his screeches, backed up by Asmodeus‘ unceasing attack on the four strings, exhibits the extreme vexation (in a good way musically in extreme metal) that the trio wants their audiences to undergo. Also, the untamed blasting drum work of Purson Dominus gives all the listeners the pleasures of enjoying the hostile war-like atmosphere of each track in the album.

I find no reason to pick one favorite, for all materials are worthy of being a highlight in the album. Modern fans of the extreme music genre might not fully appreciate this type of record because it does not contain the well-polished and technical/progressive or symphonic approach that they craved for, but for us who are strongly connected to the old ways, this album is a masterpiece in all form.

To finish off this review, I certainly recommend War Legion to all fans of black metal out there who are tired of all this symphonic acts swarming the scene today. Compared to the contemporaries, War Legion embraced the teachings from the early black metal lords to a greater extent in order to fashion their own apocalyptic music quite different from records that are surging in the modern age. If you people want a copy of the band’s materials, which I most certainly suggest, reach them out on their facebook account. Man, I can’t wait to hear more from them in the future.


Rating: 8.5/10

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