Top-quality Retro Thrash Metal From The Southeast

Top-quality Retro Thrash Metal From The Southeast

Band: Genital Grinder

Album: Damn Good

Released date: August 1st, 2012

Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: Philippines

Label: Dethrone Records


Retro thrash metal is downright one of my cup of tea when we talk about the genre of extreme music. I love death metal and black metal, but those who know me well also knows how 70% of the time I enjoy listening to numerous blistering thrash metal bands and tunes. And finding a band from my country who plays a nostalgic thrash metal music — out of the many who wanna go brutal, technical and fast — gives me a lot of joy and excitement.

What we have here is a quintet band from Marikina City, Philippines who plays some totally DAMN GOOD retro thrash. These guys have been around quite some time now, 1992 to be exact, and they were blasting killer death metal tunes before they decided to stick with playing their Bay Area-meets-New York thrash metal attack. After their shift of genre and years of single releases and live shows, the band finally released an official full-length record in 2012.

Their official debut record, Damn Good, holds eight smashed-mouth and livid high-pressure Bay Area crossed with New York style thrash metal music. From the opening of the album, until the final track — which is one of my personal favorites — called Beyond System, the listeners will be assaulted with some vitriolicriffs, clobbering drum work, and epic face-melting solos.

The riffs that was produced in this album is beyond the generic riffages that are found in most records that are dealing with this kind of genre today. The band’s long participation and contribition in the Philippine extreme metal scene shows the growth that they developed all these years. Funny thing is that when I hear the guitar work of the twin axemen on this album, it immediately bring the thought that Genital Grinder is not from the Philippines. Because I gotta tell you people, only a few band here in my country can come up with such heavy and intense — yet catchy — guitar wizardry. And the solos are total fucking face-melters!

I also love the pummeling and the all-out battering barrage of the drummer. It totally gives the energy and that overpowering vibe that the tracks in the record wants to bring to the listeners. I know these days only a few people gives credit to the man behind the kit in a band for most of the fans only give hats off to the axemen, but this is one of those offerings where the fans should also show their admiration and respect to the man behind the drum kit because of the impressive work that he had done.

These guys are not just messing around with their song writing too, as they totally know how to fabricate songs that are memorable, fist pounding and will certainly make the audiences execute synchronized headbanging. All of the materials in this record are catchy, but my personal favorites are Bombs Away, I Don’t Care, Damn Good, and Beyond System. For these mentioned tracks are what reminds me a lot of the good old thrashing days of the 80s scene.

With their release of Damn Good, Genital Grinder was able to utterly put together a killer slab of retro thrash metal record that was forged from the masterworks of the bands who had raised the flag of the genre in San Francisco and New York area during the 80s. To those of you out there who seeks an awesome extreme metal album that’ll take you down memory lane, Damn Good is a perfect offering to pick up and purchase. Man, these guys are one of the reasons why I strongly believe that my fellow Filipino countrymen are talented when it comes to crafting top-notch songs in this category of extreme music.


Rating: 7.7/10

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