Legacy of the Ancients

Legacy of the Ancients

Band: Evil Nerfal

Album: Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​.

Released date: January 19th, 2016

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Colombia

Label: Tribulacion Productions


Again, I give thanks to my friends from Digital Music Force-Promotion in Colombia, because it was to their credits that I had discover yet another gem of band hailing from the continent of South America. This next review will interest those extreme metal fans who has deep endearment to classic satanic raw black metal music.

What we have here is the debut record of the Colombia-based two-man raw satanic black metal act, Evil Nerfal. This masterpiece — even though released last January of the year 2016 — has elements of the first wave of black metal, classic thrash metal, and even Venom-era speed/black metal. One can tell from the moment they give this album a spin that these duo wants to deliver a classic straight up pure fucking black metal music to the bone.

From the obscene guitar and heavily distorted bass, hellishly fast drumming, to the infernal shrieks; this record embodies so well the sole essence of pure fucking black metal. Works of early Mayhem, early Marduk, early Darkthrone, Hellhammer, and early 80s Bathory comes to mind when I listened to Evil Nerfals’ “Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​.” record. Only a few band right now in the black metal scene are following this old ways, as many bands had turned to the trendy symphonic and somewhat theatrical sound when it comes to producing their sound. I like only numerous bands who does that symphonic and theatrical sound, for it is bands like Evil Nerfal — who produced this raw black metal sound — who really gives me that sensation of wanting to raise demons from hell and burn some fucking christian churches.

I am very much certain that fans of first wave black metal music will dig this album. These guys are worthy heirs to inherit the blasphemous and misanthropic ways of the old guards. Fiends of classic early 80s extreme metal music, like me, are so lucky that bands like Evil Nerfal still exist in this era where most extreme metal bands are polishing their crafts with clean and symphonic elements. I would pick an album like “Hail Black Metal​.​.​. Vobiscum Buer​.​.​.” anytime rather than picking up modern symphonic black metal albums.


Rating: 8.6/10

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