A Rare Cult Record in an Era of Mediocrity

A Rare Cult Record in an Era of Mediocrity

BandOminous Shrine

Album: Ο δρόμος της αποθεώσεως

Released date: July 1st, 2017

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Country: France

Label: Goathorned Productions


In today’s extreme music scene only a few bands will impress you with their own forged materials, given the fact that most bands coming out in this era are taking the path of simply copying other bands when crafting an album and put out the product without even putting their own unique touch on it. France’s blackened death metal act Ominous Shrine is an exemption.

At first glance of their album cover art on their first full-length ‘Ο δρόμος της αποθεώσεως‘, one might say that these guys are just another copycat of the previous blackened death metal band’s who played ahead of them. But that’s not all true. Now there might be moments in this record where the band has that usual element and style of their predecessors, but don’t be deceive in believing that they won’t offer anything new.

Ο δρόμος της αποθεώσεως –the translation is related to something like “The path of the Apotheosis”– is Ominous Shrine‘s debut album released under the banner of Colombia’s Goathorned Productions, and it is an album which promises the audiences that this French blackened death metal group is a force to be reckoned with in the future. The band plays a style which takes you to every realm of the extreme music genre. From Incantation, Teitanblood, Lvcifyre, to New Zealand’s Witchrist which plays a very doomy style of black/death metal. It’s like the band took all those styles of the band mentioned and made something out of it for their own.

All the instruments in here worked perfectly well together, as every single one of them played a major role in how the ambiance and atmosphere of every track in the album sounded very enthralling and spellbinding. The fortification of the immensely resonating and rumbling guitar works, the powerful anchoring bass tune, and the vivid battering drum work had been mixed impeccably to induce a truly eerie voyage when listening to this record. Also, the vocals are really sensational and it captures the true essence of the album that the band wants to deliver to the fans. Listening to the whole album took me to a journey towards a dimension beyond our own.

Entirely, ‘Ο δρόμος της αποθεώσεως‘ is a very catchy and haunting album that is a certain collection keeper. If you are a fan of death metal, specifically blackened death metal with a very doom laden catch, then you really can’t miss this record out. At first I wasn’t really that excited when my friend from Digital Music Force Promotion sent me a link to the band’s materials, as I thought these guys were just like the usual blackened death metal acts of the modern era, but I was wrong. Ominous Shrine staggered me in many different ways with this debut offering. I just added them to my list of modern extreme metal group to keep my radar on, and I will sure keep my ears and eyes on them as I wait for a new release in the future from these somewhat inter-dimensional beings.


Rating: 7.8/10

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