A Punishing French Black Metal Offering!

A Punishing French Black Metal Offering!

Band: The 135

Album: Lumen Per Lumen (EP)

Released date: January 31st, 2015

Genre: Black Metal

Country: France

Label: Gaulhammer Production


If there is one thing I love about French extreme metal bands it is the fact that they are really good in mixing killer guitar riffs and solid drum performances when it comes to crafting their extreme music materials. I really love how they do it, and they really are masters of such kind of extreme music production. The 135 is among the elite of these French extreme metal acts.

The 135 is a black metal group hailing from France. The band named their genre as ‘Draconian black metal’, and by the word ‘Draconian’ I bet you all already know what to expect from these French black metal group with their EP “Lumen Per Lumen“.

The band offers 19 minutes of vicious black metal tracks full of heavy and obscene guitar riffings, accompanied with ponderous bass tunes, and with some profoundly smiting drum works. All those elements mentioned above were mixed well together by the band to complete their debut EP immolation for Lucifer. Each track offers top-notch and memorable factors that will totally get the listeners to bang their heads and make them play the all the songs over and over again. I totally dig how all the tracks slowly picks up its phase from a calm and tranquil beginning to a fuming and raging ending. That kind of build up never fail to get me to bang my head.

The sound engineer did an awesome job on the album’s production. The production is one of the things that I like about this EP. The way the band created this album with a heavy black metal influence, and then they incorporated it with a clear death metal production. Wow! That is a fucking deadly combination! I am a big fan of raw produced black metal records. But when a band is able to make a black metal album, and perfectly incorporate it with a clean death metal production, that is a big thumbs up for me. The 135 totally nailed it with that kind of production in Lumen Per Lumen.

The album artwork picked by the band is a very excellent piece of art. It does not need deep explanation of what message the band wants to send their audiences, as it clearly described the band’s utter support to the Prince of Darkness.

I can go on and praise The 135 with all the outstanding pieces that they were able to put together in creating this record, but I pick to summarize it in one word. And that word is EXCELLENT! Yes my friends, this debut EP is downright excellent. I highly recommend this to fans of black metal and death metal. You people should go and purchase a copy of this masterpiece. Lumen Per Lumen is a must own record that should be added to every metalheads’ extreme music collection.

Rating: 7.5/10


2 thoughts on “A Punishing French Black Metal Offering!

  1. Wow! I just discovered another good band. Thank you for this excellent review, you were really informative with what this album has to offer. Hope you’ll continue contributing great reviews of bands that are still not that advertised in the metal community. Cheers brother!


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