A Perfectly Inflicted Retribution

A Perfectly Inflicted Retribution

Band: Rapist

Album: Highspeed Metal Retribution (Demo)

Released date: November 1st, 2016

Genre: Speed Metal

Country: Philippines

LabelUnsigned / Independent


After waiting for quite a while to grab a copy of the independent released demo of Zamboanga city’s speed metal act, Rapist, I finally got one; credits to an old mate of mine named Michael Villaruz (a former member of Rapist during 2010-2011). Getting a copy of this record is something major to me because this band hails from my birth city, Zamboanga in the Philippines. That’s something to be proud of knowing that a band from your hometown are producing great extreme metal tunes that you like.

Now, Zamboanga is a city also known to be a breeding ground of extreme metal bands. But most extreme acts coming from that area these days are now producing modern and polished materials, and coming to a more mainstream approach. That means it is very rare to find bands like Rapist who produces materials that are exceedingly rapid, harsh, and more aggressive than any other metal bands from Zamboanga. Another great thing about me having the record, other than them being from my homeland, is that they play the type of raw extreme metal that gives me eargasm and extreme pleasures.

Let us now talk about this 2016 released demo “Highspeed Metal Retribution“. The demo contains six killer original tracks, one is an untitled rehearsal, composed by the band and a track cover from UK’s speed metal legends, Warfare. Rapist do not let any of the listeners of this record a chance to get ready, for right from the beginning they unleashed an extremely fast, abrasive, and hostile opening instrumental followed by a sadistic and bellicose track.

If you people enjoy old school extreme metal with unpolished production and crude character then this demo is right for you. Every tune here will melt your faces with the phenomenal virtuoso soloing which will totally remind you of how they used to do it in the early days of the heavy metal genre. But it is not just the soloing that will get your attention, because if you follow speed metal then you’ll notice that every element here goes well together. Like how the bass provides excellent support to the first-rate guitar playing, and the pummeling of the drums which will make your head go banging for the whole time the cassette is playing. The harsh screams of the vocals also fits well with the songs, as it totally expresses that feeling of energetic anger that fans want to hear from bands who play in such genre.

Listening to this demo kind of reminded me of records dating back from the early days such as creations of Venom, Motörhead, and Exciter with a hybrid from the works of early Destruction, early Kreator, early Sodom, early Sepultura, and early Annihilator. It also throws in a bit of some good stuff punk overtones down the line. It’s like every great tunes forged by those mentioned bands and musical influences above came into one demo which is “Highspeed Metal Retribution“. Oh man, this really took me down a ride in memory lane.

The production is my cup of tea as I am not really picky when it comes to extreme music, and bands who produces DIY type of production is one of those that I dig and give salute to. I also loved how the band paid homage to the originators of the genre going with a classic handmade demo cover.

The expectation that I had from both the band and the record never disappointed me the moment I got my hands on “Highspeed Metal Retribution“. It met every piece of presumption that I had for a band named Rapist. Those who are fans of the speed metal genre and pre-thrash metal era music should go seek for a copy of this demo and the band’s previous record. Rapist released a 3-way split album with Los Muertos (another speed metal act from Zamboanga) and Blood Imperium (a black metal act from the Philippines) last May 10th this year under the Swedish record label Salute Records, on Rapist‘s side includes two tracks from their “Diabolic Assault‘ demo, now that is a chance a won’t let slip off so you people better contact Salute Records now and get a copy of the split.


Rating: 7.6/10

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